July 13, 2013

Phew, I finally made it to the weekend...

It seems as though this week went ultra slow. I mean I was so busy at work and home, but I've seriously been waiting for Saturday morning so that I could type a good post on the blog. So let's start...

First things first, if you are wondering how the Body for Life routine is going, it's not. I have been feeling really under the weather. So bad so, that I went to the doctor on Thursday to get some help. My nose was completely stuffed up 24/7 and my throat was super sore. Don't worry! I'll survive. I only had SUPER BAD allergies. I mean, my sinus passages were soooo inflamed that they were closed shut from all the swelling. Not to mention my throat was completely irritated (according to the doctor it was bubbly...gross!) The doctor suggested a prednisone shot. It seems like that prednisone was heaven sent because within a few hours my nose started to open up and I could actually breathe. The prednisone shot should last for 7 days while my new prescription of nasal spray gets a chance to get my allergies under control.

So what does that mean for Body for Life? Well, it means that I have to start over and will finish a few days later than anticipated. I'm not stressing though! It's not like I'm on some deadline or needing to trim up for a competition or anything. I just want to get into better shape by my birthday in the fall.

Just because I was feeling crummy this week doesn't mean that nothing exciting happened. Nope! Actually, I got an amazing email on Monday from Sweat Pink. My application was accepted and I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

So what is Sweat Pink? It is an online community of like-minded women like me who love fitness. Women share their fitness stories, their workouts and fitness events in their area. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I find it my mission to inspire other women to get healthy. This doesn't mean I do it just at the Sweat Pink online community. It means I inspire everyone I meet (even men). Basically, I now have a title to what I've always been. I've always been an enthusiast, but now I can share my experiences offline and online with a title I feel so proud to have. I have been looking for people like me for a VERY long time. I am so excited about this opportunity. I am excited to share my passion with people who feel passionate about the same things.

I'm just plain excited about life in general lately!

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