October 2, 2013

I'm Lucky And I Know It....

All my life I have been a lucky girl. Lucky, because I've always been surrounded by great male figures. It started out with having a wonderful father. Have I mentioned that I love my dad?!?!? Only a little, huh? :) 

My dad was the type of dad that would work his butt off for his family. When we were kids, my dad would leave the house at 4:30am to go to his machine shop and he wouldn't come home until 7:00pm. Now that is a long day, right?!?! Nonetheless, he would get home and still have time to listen to us read to him, play games with us and also help us with our math homework. Heck, my dad has always been super! 

Most of all though, my dad has always been my biggest cheerleader. Even when we didn't see eye-to-eye, my dad always found a way to communicate with me. He even had patience with me through those dreaded teenage years when all I wanted to do was spread my wings and fly. Those years when I thought I knew it all and especially the year when I was about to turn 18 and I thought that magically overnight I would be mature enough to handle going out like an adult without getting into trouble. My dad knew better and he also knew me. Instead of lecturing over and over again he would write me letters and try to reason with me. Such letters like this gem...

So the template was set for all future men that I would encounter. Of course though, there had to be a few toads before I could find my prince. 

I went through a few serious boyfriends and then a dating spree that lasted about 8 months where I was going through guys like water trying to find one that was good enough. I mean I would go on several first dates and know by 20 minutes into it that the guy I was with was not the guy. SEVERAL FIRST DATES!!! There were few that made it past the first date and when they did, they hardly made it past two weeks. Oh yes, I was on a mission to find a husband and on a mission to find the right guy that could fit my template of how a man should treat a woman. 

Finally, I found my husband or he found me. A man that would fill the template without even trying. A man that has treated me (for the most part) like a man should treat a woman. Not only that, but he is so similar to my dad in that he is a constant in my life and he boosts me up when I am feeling low. 

He even writes to me similarly to the way my dad used to write to me when I was young....

I am very lucky and very loved and because of that I am a very strong woman :) I am grateful to my dad for setting the standard so high and even more grateful to my husband for being able to live up to that standard these last 10 years.

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