Body For Life

What is Body-For-Life?

Body-for-Life (BFL) is body makeover program that involves diet and exercise. It is a 12-week program where an individual exercises 6 times a week alternating strength training exercises and cardiovascular exercise. During these 6 days an individual is also adhering to a diet that includes proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. The saving grace of BFL is that the 7th day is a rest day where your don't have to exercise and you can eat whatever you want.

So what does the diet look like?

I have included the BFL food list on this post.

So what do the workouts look like?

Body for life (BFL) has a very simplistic and straight forward workout routine. The BFL program consists of a 6 day workout week. The seventh day is a rest day. The workout schedule looks like this:

Basically, the cardio is three times a week and strength training alternates muscle groups on the other 3 days.

Cardiovascular Workout:

The Cardiovascular workout is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout. The program dictates 20-minutes of HIIT training making sure that you go all out and hit your high point 4 times during the workout. The program puts your intensity on a scale between 1-10. A ten is considered your highest intensity possible and a one is basically rest. The workout looks something like this:

The Cardio workouts are really fast and although they work you pretty good, they don't exhaust you to the point where you just want to lay around like a slug all day.

Weight Training:

The weight training portion of BFL is pretty straight forward as well. Over the course of 12 weeks you alternate weeks where you are doing upper body twice a week and lower body once a week and the following week you are doing lower body twice a week and upper body once a week. If you see the schedule below you will see that on the first week you are doing upper body twice and on the second week you are doing lower body twice. Take a look the picture will make more sense:

Upper Body:

The upper body workouts consist of the following exercises:

For each muscle group you pick one exercise and do your first 5 sets increasing your weight each set. On the last set you choose another exercise for the same muscle group and complete the last set of 12 at a reasonably hard weight. You want to workout to as close to failure as possible. In between sets you take a 60 second rest except for in between the last two sets where you take no break. In between each muscle group you are to take a 2 minute break.

Lower Body:

The lower body workouts consist of the following exercises:

The lower body sets are to be performed exactly as the upper body sets with one minute in between sets except for in between the last two sets and a two minute break between muscle groups. Working out to failure is the key in all of these strength exercises as well.

And that's it! Pretty straight forward, huh?