Who's Who

Hi! Welcome to FHAF. If you are just starting to read my blog, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the key players in my life.  If you haven't had a chance to read my "About Me" section go ahead and take a look!

My Husband

Oscar and I have been together for almost a decade. We met the old fashion way, at a bar. HAHAHA! However, to this day we agree that it was a total fluke that we met there. I wasn’t planning on going out that night but on whim a friend and I went out for drinks. He was invited by friends and ended up going two hours late because he was on the fence about going out that night. We were two total strangers and almost ten years later we are best friends.

My Son

Liam is my four year-old son. He is perfect in every way possible. He is SUPER smart. Like scary smart! Being so smart he gets into a lot of trouble. He is rambunctious, energetic and mischievous. He asks a million questions and he is ultra-bossy (i.e. a born leader.) He loves action heroes, ninja turtles, animals, kids and dancing. He is a bright little light with a grand spirit!

My Stepson

Gavin is my thirteen year-old stepson. He is a kind and gentle soul. We get along pretty well and tend to make fun of my husband together. I like taking my son to the movies and to the theme parks. My husband is a little bit of an old man and it's great having my stepson to do the fun “kid” things with.

My Parents

My parents are my foundation. Everything that I've learned in life is from them. I wouldn't be the strong woman that I am today had it not been for their love and support. They are amazing people and have been together for over 40 years.  I truly believe that when God was handing out parents, I got lucky with mine. 

My Brother

My brother is 5 years YOUNGER than me. However, he is about a foot taller and looks a lot older than me. As kids we were really close and partners in crime. We did a lot of mischievous things that I’m pretty sure that my parents still have no idea that we did them. A lot of my best childhood memories are memories that involve my brother and me.  My brother is a total goof and lives to make people laugh. He is also a very talented musician.


Charlie is our Chug (Pug/Chihuahua mix.) He is seven years-old but you wouldn't know it by how active and fun he still is. He is the perfect dog. He is house trained and highly intelligent. He knows when you are talking about him and sometimes it feels like he has a human soul because he understands almost every human emotion. Charlie is my best cuddle buddy when I am sick. He makes me feel better faster. It’s a mystery, but it’s the truth.


Madison (Maddie) is my cat. She is 13 and has been with me since college. She used to be a wild cat but has completely mellowed out in her old age. She basically sleeps all day long and only gets up at 6am and 6pm when it is chow time. She likes climbing into backpacks and boxes. She also likes to be petted but is quick to bite you if it becomes too much affection for her.